Anton Kutlin

Postdoctoral Fellows
Postdoctoral Fellow
Anton Kutlin
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Anderson & Many-Body Localization, Random Matrix Theory, Topological Superconductivity, Asymptotic Analysis | Founder of the Max-Planck-Foundation-supported Open Science & Education initiative Enabla

A bachelor's thesis, "Linear coupling of the fast extraordinary wave to electrostatic plasma oscillations," was supervised by Prof. Egor Gospodchikov, NNSU, IAP RAS.

A master's thesis, "Dynamical properties of Majorana zero modes in quasi-one-dimensional semiconducting wires with induced p-wave superconductivity", was supervised by Prof. Alexander Mel'nikov, NNSU, IPM RAS.

A PhD thesis, "Non-ergodic extended states in strongly disordered systems," was supervised by Prof. Ivan Khaymovich and Prof. Roderich Moessner, TU Dresden, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems.

Current projects at ICTP are related to Anderson Localization on Random Graphs under the supervision of Prof. Antonello Scardicchio.