How to reach ICTP; campus shuttle services



From Trieste Airport

By bus

The bus stops are located across the street from the airport in the new “Intermodal Hub”. Check the display screens in the airport for bus departure times. Bus E51 runs from the airport to Trieste and has a stop at Grignano (pronounced greenah’no) close to the ICTP campus and the Adriatico Guesthouse. The Adriatico Guesthouse is downhill from the bus stop and the other buildings, including the Galileo Guesthouse, are uphill. To reach the Adriatico Guesthouse, turn right down the small road “Via Junker”; the road eventually turns into a series of steps leading to the water’s edge. The Adriatico Guesthouse is on the right. Check the campus map for exact directions for both guesthouses. At the airport, bus tickets can be purchased at the Agenzia Turismo FVG on the ground floor or from the automatic machine at the arrivals hall. More details can be found on the Trieste Airport website.


By train

Trieste Airport has recently opened a new train stop at its Intermodal Hub. The trains are run by Trenitalia; fares from the airport to Trieste Centrale cost Euro 4.05, and the trip takes about half an hour. From Trieste Centrale to ICTP, you can take bus 6 (direction Grignano; bus schedule can be found here) or a taxi. Please note that bus tickets must be purchased before you board the bus; you can buy them at the tabacchi shop inside the train station by the front entrance.


By taxi

Taxis can be hailed outside the airport. To reach the Adriatico Guesthouse, provide the address: Via Grignano 9, Trieste; to reach the Galileo Guesthouse: Via Beirut 7, Trieste; to reach the Leonardo Da Vinci Building: Main Building, Strada Costiera 11, Trieste. The cost of a taxi from Ronchi Airport to the ICTP is around Euro 55, plus a small surcharge for each piece of luggage. The cost from Trieste Central railway station to the ICTP is approximately Euro 15. Please note that if, at the end of stay, a taxi is hired from a Guest House to the airport, the meter usually starts in Trieste city (from where the taxi is called) and stops at the airport. Thus, the cost is somewhat higher than the incoming journey.


From Venice Marco Polo Airport

Visitors can reach ICTP from Venice Marco Polo airport by bus and train (look at the Trenitalia website for train schedules). The Mestre-Venezia airport buses take approximately half an hour from the airport to the train station Venezia Mestre, where passengers switch to trains that run direct to Trieste. Train tickets must be validated at the validating machines before boarding trains; fines for carrying non-validated tickets are high. Another, more convenient and economical option is to take a bus operated by the bus company Flix Bus, which departs several times a day from Marco Polo airport direct to Trieste.


From Trieste Central Station

To reach ICTP from the train station, take the local bus no. 6 (timetable); the bus stop is located across the street from the station on Viale Miramare.

Another transport option from Trieste Central Station to ICTP is to take a taxi. Taxis can be hailed from outside the station. Each piece of luggage is charged and taxi fares are higher at night and on holidays.


From the city center

If you are coming from Trieste center, follow Viale Miramare, which eventually turns into Strada Costiera (official route designation is SS14), for about 7 km until you see the signs for ICTP on the right.