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Marie Curie Bust

A bust of Marie Curie welcomes the users and introduces them to her biographical timeline; a bust of S. Ramanujan guards the other end of the Library, recalling the prize ICTP annually dedicates to the young mathematical genius.

The Library's vocation to revive the history of physics and mathematics is clear to any casual visitor. Many images accompany the visit, from the early days of ICTP to the fathers of modern science. 

The area in front of the Information Desk is the display space for new arrivals.


Abdus Salam's Heritage

Abdus Salam room

The Marie Curie Library curates a memorial website of Professor Abdus Salam (1926-1996), Nobel Laureate in Physics 1979, Founding Director (1964-1993) and President (1994-1996) of ICTP.

The site is largely based on his archives, and on the permanent exhibition of awards, gifts and other memorabilia hosted in the Library premises that can be freely visited. This alone makes a stop at the Marie Curie Library a must for any visitor at ICTP.

Professor Salam's collections are displayed in two rooms and two large showcases, housing also his Nobel Prize medal. The exhibition includes his private library, consisting of over 1280 books covering all sciences, humanities, social sciences, literature, the arts, history and geography. It also houses his complete scientific works, photo albums and memorabilia.