Our Research

Curiosity-driven, blue- sky science is of paramount importance to the mission of ICTP



ICTP is widely regarded as an extraordinary environment for advancing knowledge in the physical and mathematical sciences. A permanent faculty of distinguished scientists conduct rigorous world- class, curiosity-driven research in frontier and interdisciplinary science ranging from string theory, cosmology, and black holes to quantum computing, climate science, and quantitative life sciences.

ICTP research has led to major breakthroughs in areas ranging from the unification of fundamental interactions and the theory of neutrino oscillations to climate modeling. More recently, cross disciplinary research is paving the way for advances in quantum technologies and artificial intelligence. 

Research at ICTP and its partner institutes has contributed to 5 Nobels: ​

  • Physics Nobel 1979: ICTP founder Abdus Salam​    ​
  • Nobel Peace Prize 2007: ICTP’s Earth System Physics scientist Filippo Giorgi’s work with IPCC​
  • Physics Nobel 2013: ICTP’s High Energy Physics section contributed to ATLAS discovery of Higgs Boson​
  • Physics Nobel 2015: Prize confirmed theory of solar neutrino oscillations co-developed by ICTP emeritus scientist Alexei Smirnov​   ​
  • Physics Nobel 2017: gravitational wave detection by LIGO (ICTP-SAIFR collaborated)​