Other Opportunities for Institutes

Promoting scientific cooperation

Support for scientific meetings

ICTP encourages scientific networking

ICTP encourages the organisation of international and regional scientific meetings in developing countries by offering financial assistance to the organisers of conferences, workshops, and schools held in EAU supported countries (see below list).

Grants are offered for In Person Meetings in the fields of physics and mathematics.

Types of Scientific Meetings

The types of Scientific Meetings could be conferences, workshops and schools.

Funding for In Person Meetings

The maximum level of ICTP support for an In Person Meeting is Euro 5,000.

The support should mainly be used to cover the travel expenses of participants and/or speakers from EAU supported countries in the region, excluding those from the country of the meeting.

Up to 40% of the grant can be used to cover board and lodging costs, and the difference must be used to cover travel costs (on public transportation only). Travel arrangements should make full use of possible excursion fares or other cheap tickets available.

As such meetings are important in exposing young researchers and students to the frontiers of their fields of interest, the ICTP recommends that at least 50% of the requested funds be used to cover the travel fares and accommodation expenses of participants rather than for lecturers.

Since the ICTP funds are limited, the organizers are encouraged to seek support from other sources as well.

Participants who are supported by the ICTP contribution should have their registration fees waived.

ICTP funds may NOT be used to pay honoraria to local organizers. This conforms to common practice in the scientific world.

Submission of Applications

Please read the rules and guidelines carefully before completing the application form.

Applications should be made on the appropriate application form, which can be found below.

It is important that the application form be completed in all its parts.

The application should include a detailed scientific programme, and the list of invited speakers together with their lecture title. Importance will be given to applications with most of the key speakers already confirmed.

The application must be signed by both the organizer and the Head of the hosting institute.

Full responsibility in connection with the organization of the event lies with the Local Organizing Committee. The EAU is willing to assist with advice or in any other way within its possibilities, as may be agreed upon separately.

As the ICTP-supported activities are meant to have a lasting impact, local and governmental authorities must share in the responsibility for the event. In this spirit, it is absolutely essential that local and/or national authorities give proper support. It is assumed that funds for local expenditure will be raised from the university or from government agencies. Each application must show at least a matching contribution from local sources.

Particular attention will be given to activities organized by the ICTP Affiliated Centres and/or ICTP Networks.

The organizers are invited to inform the local authorities and Embassies of their activity.

An incomplete application will not be considered. If more space is required attach additional pages.

Applications should be submitted to the External Activities Unit (

Deadlines for Applications

The deadlines for the receipt of applications are:

  • 31 January for meetings starting from April onwards
  • 31 May for meetings starting from August onwards
  • 30 September for meetings starting from December onwards.

The Selection Committee will meet on 28 February, 30 June and 31 October. For activities in the current year applicants will be informed as soon as possible after the meeting of the Selection Committee. For applications in the following year you will be informed not earlier than 31 October.

Selection and approval procedure for ICTP sponsorship

All applications received by the ICTP are submitted to international experts in the field who are asked to evaluate the scientific level of the proposed programme. In making its recommendations, the referee may suggest modifications in form, content and estimated costs.

Selection of applications for ICTP support is based on peer review, by a Committee, and applications are selected for support following the recommendation of the referees. The Committee meetings are held three times a year.

The ICTP grant is made in Euro. The procedure is that the Organizers open a bank account in the name of the meeting or use a bank account of the institute/university to which the ICTP Finance Unit will transfer the allocated grant. These procedures are explained in the grant notification letters.


The ICTP expects that all activities be announced in posters and/or bulletins, and that as wide a distribution as possible within the region will be given to this material. It is also requested that once the ICTP has offered its support, its sponsorship will be acknowledged on all official announcements.

Final report

Within one month after the activity, the Organizers shall send to the EAU:

  • a financial report on the Institute's letterhead and signed by the Finance Officer;
  • a scientific report from the organizers;
  • the final list of participants;
  • one copy of the final scientific programme;

These requirements will be explained in more detail with the grant notification letters.

Failure to submit the required report when due may result in the denial of support for future activities or other eligible projects involving the organizers.