What We Do

A hub for global scientific excellence



Fostering advanced studies in physics and mathematics

ICTP is widely regarded as an extraordinary environment for advancing knowledge in the physical and mathematical sciences, with a permanent faculty of 45 distinguished scientists who conduct rigorous world- class, curiosity-driven research in frontier and interdisciplinary science ranging from string theory, cosmology, and black holes to quantum computing, climate science, and quantitative life sciences. They teach and mentor hundreds of students and young researchers every year, equipping them to go on to study, teach, and conduct research in the world’s finest universities, and to contribute to the development of science in their home countries. 

Each year, ICTP brings together more than 6,000 world-leading and early career scientists from more than 150 countries to participate in advanced workshops and conferences that explore topics at the cutting edge of physics and mathematics. This rich intellectual atmosphere is enhanced by resources such as our Marie Curie Library – one of Europe’s finest research libraries – our high-performance computing facilities, and residential and community facilities that promote informal social and intellectual interactions where ideas are discussed over meals or coffee. ICTP has been the anchor of the “Trieste Science System” – a network of institutes including the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Elettra Synchrotron Facility, and the University of Trieste – which offers even broader opportunities for collaboration within a short distance of our campus.

ICTP also reaches directly into the developing world. Our four partner institutes in Brazil, China, Rwanda, and Mexico give scientists in those countries access to our networks, expertise, and convening power and have flourishing research and training programs of their own and in collaboration with ICTP.