Handheld spectrum analyzer



Science, Technology and Innovation


Handheld spectrum analyzer

ICTP's diverse Science, Technology and Innovation Unit (STI) encompasses areas of research that respond to the most critical needs of the ICTP scientific community, such as fast and reliable connectivity and support in the development of advanced instrumentation. These areas are at the boundary between the core research fields of ICTP and more applied fields of research. They encompass activities for which the demand in developing countries is enormous and growing.

We are now living in a globally connected world, where scientists can use a range of open and affordable solutions to carry out their research and where they can communicate with their peers using the Internet. In addition to its scientific potential, technology plays a big role in sustainable development in all of its aspects: social, environmental and economic. If utilized effectively, technology can build the capacity necessary to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Innovation and a multidisciplinary approach are crucial parts of this undertaking: solutions must be sustainable and must be tailored to specific needs of scientists from Developing Countries. These activities have Open Science as the underlying theme as this new paradigm has the potential to overcome the isolation that still impacts many scientists.

The Unit relies on experimental facilities and laboratories.