Physics PhD Programme, University of Trieste

The University of Trieste's Department of Physics offers five lines of research leading to a PhD in Physics. The duration of the PhD programme is three years, and it is taught in English. Research is carried out in cutting-edge facilities, on the main university campus, at the local Area Science Park and at national and international laboratories, in collaboration with Italian and international research institutions. ICTP offers scholarships for students from developing countries who want to do research in areas of interest to ICTP.

The goal of the Graduate Course is to train flexible professionals who can find a job easily in various fields, including (and primarily) that of scientific research.

Besides being individually trained in a specific research field, the students attend institutional curricular courses as well as courses focused on the topic of their doctoral theses. They will also attend at least two national or international schools. Moreover, graduate students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences in order to present the results of their research.

Fields of research

Condensed Matter Physics

Theoretical Physics

Medical Physics and Bio-physics


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PhD Programme
for Developing countries
University of Trieste
3 years
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