Joint International ICTP/SISSA PhD Programme in Physics or Mathematics

A doctoral degree programme for ICTP Diploma Programme graduates

Students who have completed ICTP's Postgraduate Diploma Programme now have the chance to continue their studies in Trieste to earn a PhD.

ICTP and the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) offer the opportunity for carrying out PhD studies in the fields described below.

Admitted candidates must pass a qualifying examination within the first year of study. At the end of the three-year PhD course, successful students will be awarded a SISSA PhD degree and issued with a certificate stating the participation in the Joint International ICTP/SISSA programme (JIISP Certificate).

Fields of research

Astroparticle Physics, Astrophysics

Statistical Physics

Theory and Numerical Simulation of the Condensed Matter

Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, Mathematical Physics

Physics and Chemistry of Biological Systems

Who can apply

Applicants interested in participating in this selection must be enrolled in the ICTP Postgraduate Diploma Programme or succesfully attended it in the past.

Candidates from developing countries (with particular emphasis on students from the least developed regions of the world) are also welcome to apply if supported by a presentation letter from a member of the ICTP scientific staff.

All the admitted candidates must possess the “ICTP Diploma” or a Master of Science in Mathematics, Physics, Data Science, or related subject.


  • Admitted candidates will be awarded a yearly fellowship for the entire duration of the course (3 years extendable to a fourth, subject to availability of funds and approval by ICTP/SISSA governing bodies)
  • A monthly contribution towards rental expenses
  • A contribution towards health insurance
  • A contribution (70% of the amount of the fellowship) may be awarded to students who might be forced to suspend their studies due to illness, maternity or other serious reasons up to 5 months
How to apply

Candidates should upload the following documents in pdf format:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum;
  • a certificate of examinations (with marks) taken in the “ICTP Diploma Programme” or Master
  • of Science course;
  • a final “ICTP” or Master of Science Degree (if already obtained);
  • a copy of the diploma thesis or draft (if any);
  • 2 recommendation letters (at least one from ICTP staff member);
  • any further information which the candidate may consider useful.

At the end of the procedure, candidates will have to indicate the names and email addresses of two professors that will receive an email requesting to send a recommendation letter through the same online procedure within three days of the announcement expiry date.

The candidate will then have to print out the admission request form, sign it and send it (upload it) through the same online procedure. 

Full details and application forms are available on the SISSA webpage:

Selection process

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their academic and scientific qualifications as well as on letters of reference. Results will be announced by email immediately after the deadline.ì

Shortlisted candidates will be then admitted to an interview, which can be held by videoconference.

A minimum mark of 7/10 (seven out of ten) must be obtained in the interview to be considered eligible in the Ph.D programmes.


JIISP Programme

Via Bonomea 265
I-34136 Trieste Italy
Fax : +39-040-3787466

More information on the SISSA webpage

PhD Programme
ICTP Diploma Programme students
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4 years
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