ICTP-INdAM Collaborative Grants and Research in Pairs 2024

The ICTP and the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica INdAM have launched a joint programme of "Research in Pairs" aimed to fund research projects in mathematics to be carried out between May 2024 and December 2024, in collaboration between mathematicians from developing countries and INdAM members at ICTP in Trieste.

The applicant can indicate up to two INdAM members, who are inscribed in the list of one of the national research groups GNAMPA, GNCS, GNFM, GNSAGA.

Once the application is completed the INdAM partner(s) will be contacted electronically to agree, fill in their scientific profile, to integrate the scientific project and to provide possible dates of stay at ICTP during the project. Applicants are encouraged to coordinate the present research project with the participation in other scientific activities such as schools and workshops either run by ICTP or INdAM.

Who can apply

Applicants must be citizens of a developing country, be affiliated to an institution in a developing country, and must have worked (or studied) in a developing country for at least 3 out of the last 5 years. After filling the personal profile, the applicant must provide a detailed research project (at least 2000 characters).


Every project must be between 2 and 12 weeks long and can be funded for up to 10K euros each to cover travel, living expenses and health insurance of the applicant and their INdAM collaborator(s) while at ICTP.  At the end of the project laureates will be required to write a final report.

How to apply


INdAM: Dr. Giovanni Feliciangeli -

Short-term Visits
Regular Scientist, Senior Scientist, Young Scientist
for Developing countries
2 to 12 weeks
To be announced
ICTP | Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "Francesco Severi" (INDAM)