The Future of Scientific Computing

Global experts to discuss the future of scientific computing at ICTP symposium with key stakeholders on 27 May
The Future of Scientific Computing

As part of the celebrations for its 60th anniversary, ICTP is organising an international symposium on “The Future of Scientific Computing: a Global Perspective”, which will bring together leading scientists and technology experts from around the world to discuss the frontiers of scientific computing.

The Symposium will serve as a platform for discussing the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum and high-performance computing (HPC) in tackling key scientific challenges in a global perspective. Special emphasis will be placed on the need for an inclusive approach that is able to address the needs of scientific communities working in the less developed regions of the world.

The Symposium will explore how artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, new hardware technologies, and recent advancements in quantum computing will impact the scientific process across different fields, including climate science, molecular chemistry, and materials science.

Six panel discussions involving leading scientists both from academia and industry, as well as policy makers, will touch upon the increasingly important role of scientific computing as the third pillar of the scientific method and question how Artificial Intelligence, quantum and high-performance computing are going to help us tackle big open problems in science.

Confirmed invited panelists include: Giulia Galli, Marc Mezard, and Peter Zoller, members of ICTP's Scientific Council, Alessandro Curioni (IBM Fellow, Vice President for Europe and Africa, and Director at IBM Research Zurich), Happy Sithole (NICIS, South Africa), Thomas Schultess (CSCS), Robert Basmadjian (Toubkal Supercomputer, Morocco) and representatives from NVIDIA, Intel, Massive Open Cloud, and Quantinuum.

Through this symposium, ICTP intends to encourage a global dialogue, involving scientists from developing countries and major stakeholders. It is one of the numerous events that will mark ICTP’s 60th anniversary throughout 2024, which will culminate in a high-level event in November. Outcomes of the symposium will be presented and discussed during a panel session at this November event.

Register and learn more about the symposium on the dedicated webpage.

The symposium will be livestreamed on ICTP's YouTube channel.

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