Postdoctoral Fellowship Available

For research in photothermal spectroscopy
Postdoctoral Fellowship Available

ICTP's Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) section is seeking a postdoctoral fellow with a research record in photothermal spectroscopy and in particular beam deflection spectroscopy, thermal lens spectrometry and thermal lens microscopy. A theoretical background and practical experience using photothermal spectroscopy models and instrumentation as well as laser physics (supported by original scholarly publications) is encouraged. Applicants should have experience in the field of beam deflection spectroscopy and thermal lens spectrometry and its applications in material characterization, bio-physical research and environmental analysis.

Fellows must have completed a PhD in Physics or Engineering prior to the start of their fellowship. Candidates who have experience in the research areas mentioned above and who obtained their PhD after 2016 will be given priority.

STI relies extensively on laboratories. It provides an engaging research environment with an intense programme of workshops and conferences. The postdoctoral fellow is encouraged to participate in activities in developing countries in order to promote the mission of ICTP and to support the Unit's outreach activities.

The ICTP takes seriously its commitment to equal opportunity and diversity in hiring, and in its global mission to promote science in the developing world. Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated experience working with scientists from different cultures and nationalities, particularly in an international organization.

ICTP offers internationally competitive remuneration and a number of benefits. Appointments will be initially made for one year. Candidates should apply online.

The application deadline is 19 December 2021.

For more information please contact: Dr. Marco Zennaro (

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