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The PWF annual call for applications is open! The application process has two stages, as outlined below and in more detail in the guidelines linked below.

1. Open Call for Applications: Apply to organise a project and volunteer for PWF, even without a full idea of what the project will be! With a focus on the applicants’ motivation and goals and intended impact of the project, the PWF team will select key projects to work with to the second stage, and develop a full proposal for a project with them. 
2. Project proposal: The selected applicants will work with PWF to put together the full detailed proposal. This is then sent for approval to PWF and other partners including the participating universities.  

Call for Applications is Open: Apply through this ICTP Application Portal. NOTE: The deadline has been extended to 12 March 2024 for projects taking place between May 2024 - April 2025. Read the Application Guidelines here. Download the Poster.

You can join our online PWF Q&A Session at 3-4pm CET on Tuesday 6th February 2024 where you can post your questions.

PWF welcomes applications which aim to teach, train, and inspire undergraduate and masters students in physics and mathematics from the Global South, broadly interpreted. 

Who can apply, who are the volunteer scientists? They often are, but not exclusively:

  • A lecturer(s) at a university in the Global South applying to organise a project for their own students in their university, region, or country, or they may be applying to partner with other universities or with another country.

  • A graduate student, postdoc or lecturer from the Global South working abroad, applying to organise a project in their own or another country.

Our focus is to work with universities that do not have PhD research ongoing in the scientific area, sometimes no MSc. Our target audiences are advanced undergraduate and master students. 

We are always very eager to hear from scientists from countries in conflict and projects to support diversity, in particular women and girls. You can read about what kinds of activities we organise, and about our volunteer network.

Please read the guidelines before applying. More questions? Please join our online PWF Q&A Session at 3-4pm CET on Tuesday 6th February 2024 where you can post your questions.