Dirac Medallists 2022

Joel L. Lebowitz, Elliott H. Lieb, David P. Ruelle


ICTP has awarded its 2022 Dirac Medal to Joel L. Lebowitz, Center for Mathematical Sciences Research, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA; Elliott H. Lieb, Princeton University, USA; and David P. Ruelle, Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, France, "for groundbreaking and mathematically rigorous contributions to the understanding of the statistical mechanics of classical and quantum physical systems".

The three physicists have received the medal for their important work in the field of statistical mechanics that has very significantly deepened and expanded our mathematical understanding of physical systems in many new directions, sometimes different from the traditional ones. Their major contributions include, among others, the study of non-equilibrium physics and large deviations; the proof of the stability of matter; the analytic solution of two-dimensional models; seminal results in quantum information theory; the definition of Gibbs states for infinite systems; and the analysis of chaos and turbulence.


2022 ICTP Dirac Medal Winners Announced